Audio Describer.

Christine earned certification to write AD scripts and record/produce AD tracks from the American Council of the Blind and ADP’s Audio Description Institute.

There’s a variety of creative ways with which Christine can bring your organization, art installation, live/recorded events, and more up to speed with full audience accessibility per national ADA legislation. Audio Description benefits everyone, regardless of one’s level of dependence on light!

Copywriter. Proofreader.

Christine has extensive experience writing materials for non-profits, productions, start-ups, and corporations.

Brochures. Newsletters. Summer camp titles and descriptions. Company policy handbooks. You need something spelled out, she’ll compose it with subtle panache. Her obsessions with crafting the written word and memorizing all those punctuation peculiarities and rules of grammar started with “Daily Oral Language” lessons in elementary school.

Project Manager. Coach.

Christine’s enthusiastic attention to detail supports any idea, from the simple to the grandiose.

You could call Christine a keen observer, to say the least. She’s honed the art of progression-based skill-building as well as the quick ability to adapt within and balance various roles in production.

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Teaching Artist. Mentor. Advocate. Tutor.

Christine is equipped with decades of educational experience for ages one and up.

Christine’s lesson plans include elements of game play, kinesthetic awareness, critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and creative expression. She is capable of adapting a workshop or series specifically for your classroom while adhering to curriculum goals and statewide learning standards.

Example Workshops

A Fresh Perspective: The Clown’s World

Clowns see the world through the eyes of a curious newborn, with wonder and marvel. Clowns live in the realm of “Yes, I can!” and endless possibility. In this supportive class environment, reconnect with your inner child and rediscover the art of play. Learn (or revisit) techniques to enhance your creativity and deepen your sense of pleasure in performing for an audience.

Core Mechanics – The Unknown Key to Creative Flow

Looking for a bodybuilder’s ab workout? Look elsewhere. In this class, you’ll learn the Core Mechanics as created by Ira Seidenstein of The Seidenstein Method. It’s a simple series of movements which help prepare you for rehearsal and performance, useful for both novice and veteran actors, directors, teachers, dancers and choreographers. The class will learn the routine plus additional elements of Seidenstein’s Four Articulations.

Playwriting Jam

Trapped in the torture of writer’s block? Curious about writing and still waiting for an invitation to take the leap? Here’s your chance! Seasoned scribes and noobs alike are welcome here! Bring a notebook and writing utensil, a sense of humor, and willingness to run with prompts and provocations. This workshop is designed to inspire and surprise, to collaborate and encourage, to get the pen moving!