Overheard: On Tour with Missoula Children’s Theater

1.6.07 nearby conversation at Tipu’s Tiger restaurant:

Person C: My biggest problem with technology is that I hate technology. My energy knows it. I can sit in front of a computer, and my energy will short it out. It stops working.


Person A: Have you ever heard of the movie An Inconvenient Truth?

Person B: Yeah, all the comedians are making fun of it… I walked in skeptical, and walked out nervous.


Person A: (reads the dessert menu) Chocolate tofu?! What happened to good ol’ fat, you know?


Person C: Do you have vanilla ice cream?

Staff: No.

Person C: What kind of ice cream do you have?

Staff: We don’t have ice cream.

Person A: It’s seasonal.

Person C: Well, it’s cold! This is an appropriate season for ice cream!




Woman seated near the dryers, talking on the phone: Hello. This your mother. Have you seen your father today? …Oh, okay. He was supposed to meet me at the office, but I haven’t seen him. I had a client, so… (laughs) Anyway, I’m a little nervous. I’m very excited. I’m doing my laundry now, so if I need to crash, I hope it’s okay to crash. . . yeah! That would be a novel idea. I think Daddy’s excited, too. Okay, hon, I’lll let you get back to work. Workin’, workin’, workin’. I was gonna ask how your face is doing. …Oh, wonderful.

– – – – –

Man: Oh, sorry.

Woman: It’s okay. There’s only one of me, and three chairs.

Man: Hey! How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you in–

Woman: Many, many moons.

Man: You still with the old man?

Woman: Yup, he’s working a new job now. Roofing, or something. Guess that’s good.

Man: You still with the Eagles?

Woman: Yup, been with them for four years now.

Man: Wow, that long.

Woman: Time flies when you’re having–

Man: Yeah…

Woman: …

Man: …

Woman: …

Man: So, it was good to see you.

Woman: You, too.

Man: Have fun with those Eagles.

Woman: Yeah, ya gotta have fun, no matter what you do. Keep having fun, right?

Man: Yeah.



2.9.07 Eating at Mitzi’s:

Waitress: Thanks for coming in today.

Kindergarten Girl: You’re welcome.

Waitress: Your grandpa sure was nice.

Kindergarten Girl: His name is Papa.

(Kindergarten Girl tries to push open the heavy glass door to no avail)



2.16.07 with my billet host:

Doris: Do we need to scare you to get rid of those hiccups?

Me: Oh, I get ‘em all the time.

Doris: …Disgusting.



3.14.07 at the courthouse in Virginia City:

Person A: It was a Child Protective Services meeting.

Person B: …They could’ve “child protected” out here.



2.16.07 during preshow, applying makeup on the young seahorses in Sandpoint, ID:

Courtney (age 12): I have bad news for you.

Me (age 23): What?

Courtney: You have a grey hair.

Me: What do you mean “bad news?” I like my grey hair. I have a whole patch of it. See?

Courtney: You mean you WANT it?

Me: Of course.

Courtney: My mom’s trying to get rid of it, you’re trying to grow it… I’m so confused!


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