Producer. Playwright. Director. Incubator. Performer. Chameleon.

Christine brings quality storytelling to audiences around the world. Her shows are available to tour in traditional theater spaces as well as school and non-proscenium venues.

Performance Calendar

Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders

Christine is a core ensemble member with Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders. Our next ensemble-generated production takes place on April 23-26*, 2020, at On the Boards in Seattle for the Small Human Festival!

*Postponed due to COVID pandemic…stay tuned for the rescheduled dates!

The Moonshine Revival Tent

Run time: 30-60 minutes

This fusion of sprightly storytelling and lush choral singing was described by the Northwest Folklife Festival emcee as “O, Brother, Where Art Thou? meets the Brothers Grimm.” The ensemble’s special recipe distills unique Americana fairy tales by Bret Fetzer with the harmonious accompaniment of originally-composed choral arrangements alongside folk traditionals.

The Moonshine Revival Tent consists of Bret Fetzer, Sari Breznau, Christine Longé, Jillian Vashro, and Mike Gilson, with the occasional participation of Lara Paxton, Eric Padget, and Valerie Moseley.

The Two-Step

Run time: 55 minutes

Edith is an enchanting woman who dares to dream big. From sleepy suburbia to sweltering Saudi Arabia and everywhere in between, she struggles to marry her independence with her need for love. Join Edith on a dance-filled journey around the world. The two-time “Best of Fest” award-winner THE TWO-STEP features physical theater, dancing, and original music! Unfasten your seat belt, and prepare for take-off!

Directed by Paul Budraitis

“Another Bump in the Road” song lyrics & composition by Tom Freeman

A Captive Song

…a new work in progress!…

The Adventures of Rocketman and Beano

Run time: 55 minutes

Holy comic books, Beano! Laugh as Maggie and Stuart fumble through this all-but-forgotten saga with song, dance, and epic mishaps. Think Lucy and Desi as Batman and Robin with a dash of Shakespeare. Can they overcome their own incompetence to pull it off? Cheer on these superheroes (super-idiots?) in their quest to avenge injustice!

THE SEATTLE TIMES Performance Pick ~ March 2017

THE STRANGER Performance Pick ~ August 2017

Co-written with Tom Spangenberg

Directed by Sarah Liane Foster and Arne Zaslove

Anenome’s Suitcase

Run time: 5 minutes

This bittersweet slice of physical theater follows the clown Anenome as she finds her way from heartbreak to hope. Anenome’s Suitcase is part of a one-act show currently in development.

Roberta and the Moon

Run time: 60 minutes

Manny D. Moon wants to orbit someone with more gravity; Mr. Jupiter’s refusal fuels his search for what really makes the worlds turn. On Earth, Roberta’s mythical condition illuminates her own unexpected path of self-discovery. With love at stake, will Manny and Roberta find a way to coexist in the universe? Their story explores companionship and personal fulfillment through two actors, astronomy puns, and theatrical magic.

Co-written with Ricky Coates of Matheatre